Preparation of credit granting contracts. Distribution, supply, agency, lease and guarantee (mortgage, pledge and bond).

  • Litigation and professional development of contracts between traders in:

    • Trade Commission.
    • Commercial loan.
    • Sale.
    • Swap.
    • Consignment.
    • Transport.

    • Conflicts between individuals and societies engaged in trade and industry.
    • Judicial and extrajudicial collection of payments, checks and invoices.
    • Bonding of property to guarantee debts.
    • Commercial and civil companies.
    • Preparation of assembly minutes.
    • Splits and merges.
    • Resolutions and settlements.
    • Litigation for the redemption of accounts and nullity of acts of assembly.
    • Modification of by-laws.
    • Change of administrators and board of directors.
    • Conflicts between shareholders.
    • Convocations to assemblies.
    • Family businesses.
    • Responsibility of administrators.

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